Wolf The Film
Wolf is a short film, a black comedy, set in London. Currently in pre-production - the Eyeland team will start filming in early September - with post production due to complete by the end of October.

Look out for Wolf at a cinema or film festival near you.

Writer and producer: Kelly Broad
Director: Ben Bannister
DOP: Mike Garfath

Wolf Synopsis
BRIAN has lost count of the number of bikes he’s had stolen. He takes matters into his own hands by hot wiring his bike to a car battery, electrifying it like an electric fence. The next bike thief who comes along is in for a shock.

Things don’t go to plan. Instead of catching the thief, the bike proves fatal to the pets of his elderly next door neighbour, MRS DOHERTY. In turn her dog, her cat and her canary fall victim to the bike, with BRIAN desperately trying to cover his tracks in the process.

In the end, MRS DOHERTY has the last laugh.

Production Details
Some pick up shots for title sequence will be shot using a small crew on Thursday September 4, involving just Ben, the lead actor and no Heads of Department except Gail Smith.

Art set-up will begin on Monday September 8 and filming proper in our hero location of 26 Kynaston Road on Tuesday September 9 and Wednesday September 10 and Thursday September 11, as well as the Woodlea Road location on the afternoons of Wednesday September 10 and Thursday September 11.

Contact Details
For more information email Kelly Broad at kelly@wolfthefilm.co.uk or Ben at ben@wolfthefilm.co.uk

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